Jesus-Hearted Women in Action

I’ve learned a few things as I’ve traveled around this country. Jesus-hearted women are everywhere! They are showing up to shine in all kinds of settings and in all kinds of ways.

This page is dedicated to honoring Jesus-Hearted Women in Action! Take a few minutes and use the form below to tell me a little about yourself and how you are using the gifts and opportunities God gave you to make a difference. No setting is too small—no service too insignificant. What you are doing matters—and I want others to meet you and be encouraged by your story to go for it as a Jesus-Hearted woman in action!

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    If you would like to nominate someone else to be honored on this page as a Jesus-hearted woman, fill in the above contact fields with your own information but tell their story in the “Your Jesus-Hearted Woman in Action Story” field.

    Please be sure to include their email address in that same field so that I can contact them to obtain permission to use their story.  Unless their email is included, I won’t be able to tell their story.  And I would just love to help you honor them!

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