"If you want to live for something that will outlast your life, The Jesus-Hearted Woman is for you! Jodi Detrick skillfully weaves biblical truth, real-time examples, and coaching principles throughout every chapter in a way that challenges the mind and heart of the reader to make intentional choices that produce mature Christian leaders. Whether you are a seasoned ministry leader or a new Christian who longs to make a difference, this book is for you. Buy one copy for yourself and another for the woman you are mentoring."

Carol Kent Speaker and Author Becoming a Woman of Influence (NavPress) www.SpeakUpConference.com

Carol Kent

"The Jesus-Hearted Woman is a refreshing, rare resource for women in leadership who hunger to lead like Jesus in our complex 21st century world. Jodi Detrick is a gifted and engaging writer who grapples honestly with the spiritual and practical challenges women leaders face – both internally and externally. Integrating rich biblical truth, diverse resources, and everyday life stories, Detrick inspires, stirs our souls, makes us wince, and spurs us on to Jesus-hearted leadership with hope and delightful humor. What a great resource in leadership development for individual women leaders, small groups, and coaching for women ministers!"

Dr. Beth Grant Co-founder and Co-director of Project Rescue, Missionary, Educator

Dr. Beth Grant

"Jodi Detrick has the gift for creating an elegant tapestry with her writing. A lilting style graced by personal experience leads us to Biblical truth and leadership principles that are inviting, convicting, and doable. The Jesus-Hearted Woman is a mirror image of the author. Women will read it and men should read it."

Dr. David McKenna Author and former President of Spring Arbor University, Seattle Pacific University, and Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. David McKenna

"Jodi’s easy-reading style of writing makes this book a pleasure to read, yet the depth of the content will challenge the most seasoned leader. She skillfully encourages women in ministry leadership to grow in ten qualities – like authenticity, resilience, courage, and self-care. Each chapter is full of practical, biblical advice. Jodi’s 'gracious confidence' shines through every chapter, absolutely inspiring us to be true Jesus-hearted women! I love this book and its author!

Kerry Clarensau, Author of Secrets: Finding Love and Happiness in Your Marriage, and Love Revealed National Women’s Department Director – Assemblies of God

Kerry Clarensau

"In The Jesus-Hearted Woman, Jodi Detrick paints a picture of a woman who influences all those around her for the Kingdom of God. Jodi’s clear message, writing style, and transparency will convince you that you, too, can be that woman! Enjoy this book for yourself and give it to those you influence!"

Phyllis H. Hendry President and Chief Executive Officer, Lead Like Jesus

Phyllis Hendry

"Jodi brings a unique perspective to women's leadership after many years of ministry. She captures the biblical basis for women to lead themselves and others. Jodi's coaching background also adds a dimension that provides tools to mine the incredible influence all women have in their homes, communities, churches and workplaces."

Fran LaMattina Leadership Coach, Strategies for Greatness Former Director of Women's Community Groups at North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

Fran LaMattina

"The Jesus-Hearted Woman: 10 Leadership Qualities for Enduring (& Endearing) Influence is now on my highly-recommended list of leadership books for both experienced and emerging leaders. A gifted and skilled writer, Jodi Detrick masterfully weaves great literature, personal and biblical narratives, and insights drawn from her reflections on some of the best writing blended with her own unexpected journey in leadership. Her concluding coaching questions, scriptural passages, and little lessons for new leaders at the end of each chapter provide a great opportunity to pause and reflect on how to embody each of the ten leadership qualities she presents. This is a great book for both men and women!"

Carol A. Taylor, PhD President of Vanguard University

Carol Taylor

"It is encouraging to see women begin to regain their collective voice in the 21st century church. The Jesus-Hearted Woman is a significant contribution to that end. Jodi Detrick is a skilled and transparently engaging writer who lives deeply, takes leadership risks, and gives her life to forming other women into Jesus-like leaders. This book is the overflow. It is an honor to recommend this highly significant work to you."

Dr. James Bradford General Secretary, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

James Bradford

"The Jesus-Hearted Woman is a fresh, insightful word about leaders and leadership that raises the bar while it offers practical and reasonable steps to forward movement! Jodi walks us into the realities and reasons for leadership, and keeps the mandates of Christ before us all. The powerful coaching questions are insightful and meaningful tools to those struggling with or in leadership. This book is written for women...but it's a powerful word for us all! Keep writing Jodi!"

Edward Hammett, PCC Church & Clergy Coach Author of Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping People Over 60

Edward Hammett

"The skillful unpacking of life-transforming leadership principles in The Jesus-Hearted Woman will infuse you with creative energy, as well as strength to lead and last! Jodi’s compelling approach is personal and flows from a depth of wisdom. A fresh new vision will bubble up as you encounter God’s blueprint for leadership in this work of art. "The Jesus-Hearted Woman" is a must-read for any 21st century female who desires to excel as an authentic, confident, and powerful leader. I guarantee your life will be radically transformed!"

Dr. Ava Oleson, Doctor of Ministry Program Coordinator, Adjunct Professor Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

Dr. Ava Oleson

"Jodi Detrick is a woman of influence for God’s glory. With a servant-hearted attitude and leadership style, she gently leads women to a place of personal and spiritual growth. In The Jesus-Hearted Woman Jodi shares the secrets of leadership – all based on biblical truth that reveal practical tools for taking women to a place of confidence, integrity, authenticity, courage, passion, and vision. This book is a timeless resource for every Christian woman who has said ‘Yes’ to Jesus and it is an outstanding small group study. I highly recommend it!"

Carol Kent Speaker and Author Becoming a Woman of  Influence (NavPress) www.SpeakUpConference.com

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